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Performing Arts & Faith

Performing Arts and Faith

The Magdalen Sisters with Phyllis McMahon

One of CaAPA’s primary functions is to offer chaplaincy services to members and to the wider community.

Chaplains welcome members’ requests for support, guidance and prayers for specific causes. They also advise on the religious aspects of theatre and film productions.

CaAPA’s chaplaincy service is mirrored by mentoring, which is provided by the Association’s senior professionals.

Throughout the years many CaAPA members have presented their own productions for charitable causes raising money for Corpus Christi Catholic Church, diocesan pilgrimages, and CAFOD; some other members have shown their contribution to the community by taking their productions on tour to schools, local theatres, parishes and elderly homes.

Although CaAPA is open to people of all faiths and none; it has always been motivated by Christian values and chaplaincy has been one of the primary services provided since 1911 when the Catholic Stage Guild was founded.


Annual, special services and retreats provide a focal point for CaAPA’s chaplaincy service, insofar as they provide opportunities for members to meet CaAPA’s Chaplains face to face.  Chaplains are happy to help serve the spiritual needs of members according to the members’ personal preferences, for example in one-off or regular meetings, by email or text.

Members are able to talk confidentially to Chaplains, who provide a listening ear and a sense of community, and, if invited to do so, an objective response to members’ concerns.  Chaplains also welcome members’ requests for prayers and special services for specific causes.

CaAPA’s chaplains are also available to advise actors and production companies on church procedures, for example to ensure that the religious and ritualistic aspects of plays and films are presented authentically.


CaAPA’s Mentors mirror the work of Chaplains in the domain of professional theatrical life.  Members are able to talk candidly and confidentially with their peers.  Mentors are usually relatively experienced members of the profession who understand the joys and struggles of life.

Members are warmly encouraged to offer their services as Mentors.  Please contact any of the Chaplains or CaAPA post-holders to discuss.