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CaAPA About Us

The Catholic Association of Performing Arts works for, and alongside, people of all faiths and none. Some members have joined us because they have an interest in the performing arts and are eager to belong to a supportive community; other members – actors, singers, musicians and entertainers – have joined us because they are interested in being part of a creative community where they can also share and/or grow in their spiritual values.

The Association performs a dual role, serving the needs of its members and, through them, the wider community. Many CaAPA members present their own productions for charitable causes, while others show their contribution to the community by taking their productions on tour to schools, local theatres, parishes and elderly homes.

The reality is that anyone who is interested and eager to belong to a performing arts community which is open and supportive, will most certainly find a very friendly home in CaAPA.

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann – Chairman
Richard O’Callaghan
Robin Marchal
Michael Slater
Dympna Le Rasle
Dominic Hecht
Jane Garioni